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Are you Ready to Discover How to Pass the Firefighter Selection Process and Start your Career as a Firefighter Within the Next 12 months?

Learn How to Pass your Firefighter Selection Process with our

'Become a Firefighter Boot Camp DVD'

Our 'virtual' training event shares with you EXACTLY what you need to do to get your place on the next trainee Firefighter programme- and this DVD is the only way you can get your hands on this info for yourself this year.

Our specialised training is proven to TRANSFORM your approach to getting into the Fire and Rescue Service.

We have seen the massive difference in application forms which started off being just like yours but which were turned on their head by using our secret formulae.

We have been delighted when we hear brilliant success stories from people we have helped- people who before finding us were struggling to get in, just like you.

Let's see if you recognise any of this:

  • You are determined to start your firefighter career, preferably within next 12 months
  • You are struggling to understand why your application form keeps getting rejected,
    despite all the work you put in
  • You find it difficult to know if you are hitting the right mark with your application
  • You are crushed when you get rejection letters, when you know you put your heart and soul into your application.
  • You are committed to your success but simply don't have enough free time to attend
    a live training event
  • You are fed up with your life being on hold, and worry you are running out of
    time to get your application accepted
  • You've managed to pass the application stage but are gutted when you fail on any of the later selection stages.
  • You KNOW you can do the job of a firefighter but need to be sure you can demonstrate this properly when it counts
  • You are worried about your interview because you have heard that only the very best get through

If there was a PROVEN way you could improve ALL ASPECTS of your performance and drastically improve your chances of sailing through the Firefighter selection process, wouldn't you be crazy not to grab it with both hands?!

Too many people are unhappy about not getting in but aren't prepared to take the next step and invest in the help they need.

We'll let you into a secret!

The people who succeed aren't lucky, or even more talented than you. They have simply got the RIGHT sort of help and are taking all the RIGHT steps. They are not shooting in the dark.

The effort they are putting in is highly targeted; they are preparing in the only way to get a successful result.

We can teach you how to do this. As long as you have what it takes to be a Firefighter, (and if you are that committed to this as a career, the chances are that you have) it really is as simple as that.

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Over 90% of participants who have applied to the FRS after attending bootcamp have had their application form accepted within 12 months

"I found the bootcamp extremely helpful when it came writing my application form. It's was made very clear what each aspect of the application form entailed and what was expected from the applicant in order to be successful. The small group meant that it was very easy to ask questions and discuss areas that people were unsure of. Overall I believe that the bootcamp experience has provided me with the best possible opportunity to be successful with my application. I would recommend these camps to anyone who is aspiring to become a firefighter." Pat Reed

These bootcamp are known to be the only way to fast track your career and win your place as a trainee firefighter

Competition is getting tougher every month and most applicants are preparing for the selection process in COMPLETELY the wrong way. It is heartbreaking how many capable and committed people are disappointed over and over again, without really understanding what they are doing wrong.

We want to share this information with you. When you have understood the unique information we will reveal it will revolutionize everything you are doing to become a firefighter. Your chances of success WILL go through the roof!

Every time we run one of these events we are amazed by the difference it makes to people like you. We love seeing how committed all our participants go away feeling. They know exactly what they need to do and are determined to start putting it into practice straight away.

Within 12 months they are in Firefighter uniform.

Now we want you to have the same chances. We know not everyone can afford to attend a live event, or find it easy to join us from different parts of the country. So we have created a way for you to get hold of this crucial info and start working on your successful future, without even leaving your home!

In this DVD we cover

  • The biggest mistakes that will put an end to your Firefighting career before it's even started (and how to avoid them!)
  • The easy way to fill in your Application form and open the door to the next stages (so you get a chance to storm the fitness tests and impress real firefighters in your interview);
  • How to showcase your talents and hit your personal best (we guarantee you WILL NOT be doing this properly at the moment and it IS costing you your trainee Firefighter place)
  • The little known secrets of making yourself a better candidate EVERY single day, so you can get started right away while your competition wastes time doing all the wrong things
  • Why 90% of Application forms are disregarded straight away (and how to make sure yours isn't one of them)
  • How to make your assessors really sit up and take notice- so you go straight to the top of the 'yes' pile once and for all!
  • How you can look at your application with fresh eyes and see EXACTLY why your answers are being rejected, and EXACTLY what you need to do to fix your mistakes.
  • The short-cuts to getting ready for the written tests and making sure your answers are SPOT ON which you can start using immediately
  • Which pieces of advice on the Internet about becoming a Firefighter are downright wrong (you MUST know this to do well)
  • How to make sure you don't scupper your chances of passing your Interview with flying colours
  • The proven formula for SAILING THROUGH the 2 most important answers (and what these are!)
  • How you can dramatically reduce the time you spend preparing- and get much better results

PLUS - Extra Materials

  • All the extra PDF documents, exercise materials, quizzes and question sheets you need to work through this information as effectively as possible.

These sell-out events have been incredibly popular- but they don't suit everyone. A DVD of the event is the ideal solution.

Statistics show that 90% of people fail the application process. With our knowledge 75% of applicants pass!

"I found the day very interesting, definitely worth the money as it helped me so much in filling in my application form and what to put in my application answers. Learning about the personal qualities and what to write and how to word benefited me very much. I would definitely recommend boot camp to anyone, either someone who has not applied yet or someone who has applied for the fire service before, you will learn something for definite that could give you the edge over someone else. All the staff on the boot camp are very helpful, ask them anything and they will answer it for you or will get back to you either that day by phone or email." Lee Dearing

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Here is what they had to say

Dean Fitzmaurice, Applying to be a Firefighter

Example Feedback Form from our last Bootcamp

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